Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stride Rite Sale!! Come and Get It!!

Groupon, Living Social,, ...There a ton of Ways to Receive an Email Notification That Something You May or May Not Need is Now on Sale! If you are anything like me, this can be sooo overwhelming. I feel like I do not want to miss out on a great opportunity. 

How upset do I get when I run into a friend who is so excited to let you know that they just bought a coupon for the new restaurant that opened down the street!! What I missed it? Did I not scroll through the 15 coupon offerings that are now on each of these crazy emails?? My email account is getting bogged down and I am going a bit cook-coo.

But wait, there is another one that focuses on kids!! Totsy 

Have you tried this one out yet? In fact today they are offering great sales at Stride Rite!! We were all saddened when our store moved out of Blue Back Square.
Well, if you are in need of some awesome kicks for your kids and you prefer Stride Rite, Click on to Totsy and Grab Your Deal!!

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