Phone Apps That Save Us Money

I knew that I bought my IPhone for a Reason!! If you are having trouble finding a good reason to spend so much money on a new Smart Phone, Try to Justify the Purchase with all of the Awesome Money Saving Apps that You can use!

Here are some:

ShopSavvy is a comparison shopping tool. You can find items by either typing them on your phone keyboard or using the camera to scan the bar code. Once you've found a product, ShopSavvy tells you the cheapest local or online price. For local products, you can get map directions, visit their website, or call the store

Cardstar Once you have your card information added in, you can use your iPhone as your card and have the cashier scan it to take advantage of the deals. CardStar also shows the information of your closest retailer and their webpage along with a telephone number to contact them.

Redlaser Ever want to challenge a retailer to back up their claims to match their competitors’ prices? RedLaser scans the ordinary bar code on any product and shows you all the prices of that product in your area. Take it to those big-box stores and show ‘em who’s boss!

Gasbuddy Find the cheapest gas on the go – for free! It locates where you are and then tells you where the cheapest gas is around you.

Couponsherpa Coupon Sherpa mobile app brings hundreds of in-store coupons to your purse or pocket. This App helps you keep detailed account of your finances by connecting to your bank and credit card accounts and tracking all the money you earn and spend.

Happy Hour Finder Find out which bars and restaurants are offering Happy Hour specials in your area!! What is better than this?

More to Come...

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