Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Discount Stores are Everywhere! Great For Gift Accoutrements

Sometimes you just need something small. Maybe something to compliment a gift. Or maybe you need to buy some last minute decorations or a stocking stuffer. How about party gear, (plates, napkins, give-aways).
My mom, again always with great advice in hand is a teacher. And as a teacher, she finds herself having to buy some school supplies, (yes schools do not supply everything) along with some trinkets for holidays and such. She loves to go to the "dollar" store, or Ocean State Job Lot to find some great but inexpensive goodies.

Here are some places that I have found that offer some options for those looking for a little something...

Family Dollar Store 
Dollar Stores
Ocean State Job Lot
Christmas Tree Shops
Big Lots
XPect Discounts

Happy Discount Shopping!

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