Monday, December 17, 2012

Lets Re-Use Your Old T-Shirts, Wine Bottles, Toilet Paper Rolls...

If your husband is anything like mine, he goes through White T-Shirts sooo quickly. My mom, (who has a million great ideas), told me to turn them into rags. This got me thinking. What else do I have laying around the house that I can Re-Purpose?

Here are just a few FUN ideas!

Plastic Bags : I use them to line trash containers around the house. I They can also be used as slippers if you are covering up dirty shoes, (need to do some work in the basement with slippers on?

Paper Bags: They are great for covering books, wrapping gifts or cutting them up and putting under art projects. No more wet paint on your dining room table! You can also use them in your garden for weed control. Just put mulch on top.

Rubber Bands Hand Exerciser?

Shoe Boxes: Cover with wrapping paper and use as storage, (photo box, toy box, receipt box)

Buttons: Put them in  cool jar and display! Or stick them in a plastic container and use as a baby rattle.
Tissues:  How about tissue Flowers?

Old T-Shirts: I love to cut them up and turn them into rags. I keep a bag under each sink! Put Dad's old t-shirt on and use as a smock for the kids! Here are some great sites that show how to make an old tshirt in to a scarf. I am definitely doing this. (I will dye some of my husbies old t-shirts!)

Wine Bottles: Paint them and make vases or fill them with lights.

Old Toilet Paper Rolls : Make wall art! It is so easy.

 Egg Cartons: Make your own garden! Fill with soil and plant a seed. Lightly water and watch your sprouts grow!

If you have any ideas to share, please do!!

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