Monday, December 10, 2012

Save Money and Fun For the Kids!!

My husband really enjoys giving "Hallmark" cards to special occasions. He spends time going through different card ensuring to pick just the right one. I on the other hand have always preferred the cards that blank on the inside...aka box of 12 for $5.99. Not only is the price more favorable, but I have always enjoyed a more personal way to express my note.

Fast forward to having children, I always have tons of "beautiful" art work hanging around. My oldest daughter loves to paint and draw and play with stickers. I often feel bad about throwing her creations away. Why not share them with someone else. So I have started using her art work as personal handmade cards to share with our friends and family. I typically have her "sign" her name and I write the special note.

Another great tip is to take cards, (the "Hallmark" kind) and cut off the picture on the front or inside pages. We get a lot of great cards with pictures of say Disney characters or flowers, hearts, etc. I cut them out and save them to be used for other fun projects! My eldest daughter loves to glue them on to other pieces of paper for more art creations!!

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