Thursday, December 20, 2012

Before You Buy...Check!!!!

A great friend of mine, we'll call her B&B, is great at buying things from craigslist. She seems to get some fantastic deals. Not only does she buy, but she also sells quite a bit on the site. Like anything, it is important to be smart when buying online... But so far it seems as if she has had great luck.

So I decided to try my luck at it. I wanted to buy a Radio Flyer Tricycle for our youngest. I found a great deal at Target for $52. Right before I sent my husband out to buy it, I remembered to look at Craigslist. Well what do you know...I found one! It is in great shape and I got it for only $25!!

I will continue to check before I buy. You just never know!!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog... innovative ideas to help me LIVE WISELY... Keep it up. RP

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