Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What to do with Unwanted Stuff in Your Home...Sell it...Give it Away...

Master Organizer I am not. But I do enjoy a clean house and I am always finding things that we no longer need. My husband has forbidden me to turn our basement into a what he refers to as "junk" and I refer to as "treasure," depository. So I either have to sell what I find or give it away.

How to distinguish between donation or sell? This is just what I do:

Donation Bucket:
-If it is in good condition and I can not first sell it, I will donate it.
-Children's clothes
-School Supplies

Sell Bucket:
-Newer Items
-Items that I feel are of high value to others, (some furniture, kitchen appliances, etc)

Where to Donate:
-Goodwill  (860)529-6838
-Salvation Army  (860)953-6104
-Vietnam Veterans Donation Pick Up
- Big Brothers and Big Sisters,  1.888.413.2227    
- Gifts of Love  860.676.2323
-My Sister’s Place, Hartford, CT, 860-895-6629
-The Clothes Horse Thrift Store   860-233-1411
-Dress for Success  860-525-5025
-St. Agnes (860) 521-7516

Where to Sell: 
-Max and Lily's Closet (860) 920-5270
- Elegant Consignment (860) 523-4400
-Panache 860-233-8103
-Revival Home Consignment LLC  (860) 313-0093
- Second Time Around 860-233-8650

  For Tax Breaks:
Search for a charity to which to donate your used furniture. Tax breaks are only given to those who donate to 501(c)3 corporations. To find out if your chosen charity is a registered non-profit you can use the Internal Revenue Service's charity search database.

Also do not forget to obtain a receipt for your donation. This receipt is used for tax purposes and should be kept with your personal tax records.

Feel Good and Organize!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list of places to donate. It's good to share what we have. RP

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