Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swap Party

Have you ever been to or held a SWAP PARTY?

Typically a swap party is where a group of people get together and swap clothes, shoes, and/or accessories. Realistically a swap party could be for sports equipment, mens clothing, kids clothes, furniture, etc. But the idea is to share what you have and hopefully pick up some great pieces for free! Who doesn't love FREE??

I held a swap party a couple of years ago, (has it really been that long) and it was AWESOME! I walked away with some great pieces and my guests also found some great pieces. Who hasn't bought something, loved it for a minute, and then realized that it just wasn't for you. How about you share it with someone else?!

Rules of a Swap Party: Each person typically brings at least 5 items, (they should be in relatively good condition). If you can, have a way to display the items. Can you borrow some clothing racks? Or take some hangers and place them over doors, or on the spindles of a staircase? The idea is that you want people to clearly see the items, (just like in a store). You are able to take the number of items that you yourself brought with you, (so if you brought 4 items, you can take 4 items). Whatever is left, donate!

And remember that rules are meant to be broken!! Just have fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Getting together with friends,
having a fun time,
getting new stuff,
without shopping
getting rid of unneeded things,
sound like a great idea.

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