Sunday, January 20, 2013

ReUsing ALLLL Leftovers!!

I hate to throw away food. There is always something that I can make out of a left over.
I realize that sometimes you are just not in the mood to what if the left over goes bad?!

 Well what if you freeze the left over? Label it and then throw it in say meatballs later. I bring up meatballs because I think that they are a great vehicle for left overs. You can throw almost anything in them and typically it will only enhance the flavor. And for me and my family, I like to have fun with our meatballs!

For families who have children who are not big veggie eaters, puree some left over veggies and throw them in one of your meals like lasagna. I bet you no one will notice!

One of my favorite veggies to throw into almost anything is shredded carrot. It has a natural sweetness and is so so good for you! My husband dislikes cooked carrots so this is my sneaky way of getting him to eat them. :)

So before you toss that left over broccoli, think of one meal you may make during the week and see if you can use some broccoli in there. Maybe a tomato sauce with some pureed broccoli. I promise that it will not change the flavor!!

I have posted my famous Naan Pizza in the past and it is also a great place to add left overs!! Listen anything covered in cheese tastes delicious in my opinion! (20 Pantry Items and How to Use Them to Your Advantage--Posted on 12/12/12)

Here is a great website that is easy to follow and offers a ton of "left over" recipes!!

Happy Eating and Don't Forget to LivE Wisely!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I never know what to do with my left overs. I'll try the meatball idea. Thanks.

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