Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy Meals Just By Spicing a Few Things Up

It is 4'o clock and you have yet to prepare dinner. The kids scream...Not Pasta Again!!

Here are a few things that you can do to spice up Pasta Meals!

Instead of slicing up zucchini, try shaving it with a peeler! It turns the zucchini into fun ribbons. You can do this with sweet potato, summer squash, carrots, beets...

Instead of always reverting to a jarred sauce, toss with other easy sauces:

-Drizzle Olive Oil and Some Shaved Parmesan Over Pasta, (add Balsamic Vinegar for a fun twist)
-Puree any kind of squash or sweet potato with some milk, salt and pepper. Puree until until the sauce is thin enough to pour over pasta. 

-Puree Peas with Olive Oil for a Twist on a Traditional Pesto sauce. Add some Parmesan for flavor

-How about a Clam Sauce? I have yet to try this so here is a recipe that looks fairly easy:

 -Who doesn't love a cheese sauce: Mix together some whole milk or cream with some left over cheese and a bit of flour to thicken. Poor over and enjoy!

- Chicken or beef broth would also work well over pasta. Thicken with flour.

-Mix Olive Oil and a bit of lemon for a fun kick!

Top Pasta's with:
-Any kind of meat, (including Pepperoni, Kielbasa and Bacon)
-Any kind of veggie, (try non traditional items like green beans, brussel sprouts, swiss chard)
-Beans are awesome on top of pasta, (I prefer cannellini)
-How about throwing a salad right on top! Go Crazy.
-CHEESE!!! Any kind would work, (even feta or goat)

Have you ever tried frying your spaghetti? Put some in the pan and pour some oil on top, (just a bit). Who doesn't love a bit of crunch on top of your pasta!

I just found this great recipe for Lazy Lasagna! Check this out:


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know you inspired me tonight. Brian and I dropped the kids off at my parents for a few hours today mostly because I needed a mental break and as soon as we came home, Liam shouted, "no chicken, I want pasta!"
I was about to make my dinner for the boys and I checked my email!!! Thanks for turning their dinner into a more healthy version. I added pumpkin puree in my fridge to the sauce with some leftover pasta water, added string beans, shredded carrots and leftover chicken.

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