Friday, March 29, 2013

Re Purposed Left Overs

I love to take left overs and make them into something fabulous. I can't skate board, can't swim well, can not sing, struggle with sitting still...but I can take leftovers and make them into something completely exciting and new!!

Okay, so I know that pictures are super important with blogging...especially when you are discussing recipes. Who maintains interest if there isn't a beautiful picture to look at. Frankly it drives me a bit nutty because there are just some amazing photo's online of food that are works of art!! I mean did they even taste the cupcake or just take a picture of it!! I enjoy photography but I am by no means an expert. And honestly, when I am cooking and have two children hanging on my legs, I have no time to set up an appropriate backdrop for my latest chicken dinner!!

So maybe we can just visualize what I am about to go through??

Here are some recent examples of some "Re Purposed" meals!!

*Made macaroni with a homemade ground chicken tomato sauce for the kids. My husband and I went out to an amazing dinner...we needed it desperately.
Re Purposed Meal:
Took about a cup of polenta and covered the bottom of a glass pyrex dish with it. Then took some of the left over sauce and poured it on top of the polenta. Then poured in a bit of milk/half and half...whatever kind of milk product you have laying around. Water would also work. Then put a layer of spinach on top. Just a thin layer because I had just a bit left over. You could use any kind of veggie. Then poured more sauce on top and because we had a bit of left over chicken pieces I also through those in. Then I threw shredded mozzarella in and voila... I put it in the oven and baked for 20-30 minutes. The result was a creamy tasty new meal that everyone gobbled up!!

*Had some italian bread, a few veggies and eggs laying around.
Re Purposed Meal:
Took a pie pan and put in some sliced bread to cover the bottom. Then threw in some veggies, (any would work) and mixed up a few eggs, (2-6) with some milk a bit of water, and then poured into the dish. Threw a bit of cheese on top...and yum...a improvised quiche is born!!

*Left over steak, veggies, mashed potatoes, (any kind of potato would work).
Re Purposed Meal:
Took a casserole dish and put in some sliced up steak on the bottom. Threw some veggies on top and then covered it with the mashed potatoes. Just to ensure that the meat would not dry out I put in some milk and water to moisten everything up. Baked the meal for 20 minutes and we ended up with a modern Shepard's pie! 

*Left over rice, lettuce or any kind of leafy greans.
 Re Purposed Meal:
Sauteed up the greens with garlic and onions, threw in the rice and added a bit of soy sauce, (any kind of sauce would work). Then threw in 2 eggs and mixed it all up. I had some nuts in the pantry so when I served up the dish I added some on top for a bit of crunch.
 Re Purposed Meal:
Take the leafy greans, (spinach and kale work great) and put into a salad bowl. Chop up any tomatoes, red pepper...whatever you have laying around that would work well in a salad. Then throw a bit of rice on top. Pour a bit of rice vinegar, (if you have it), soy sauce or toasted sesame oil, ...maybe some agave or maple syrup for a bit of sweetness...and you have  delicious Asian inspired salad.

LivE Wisely!

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