Friday, March 22, 2013

Swap Clothes...Nosh & Whine...

Swap Clothes...Nosh & Whine...
I have now successful thrown two Clothing and Accessories Swap Parties. And I have to say that each time, just about everyone, (except returning guests) exclaim "why hadn't they done this before??" Everyone brought at least 5 items, either a food or drink and each walked away with at least one new item! Whatever was left was donated.

Now I am sure that you can get all "professional" with regard to the rules...but we just laid out the clothes, (in my living room) and walked around as if we were at our favorite boutique. We laughed at some of the items that we had brought...what we were thinking when we bought this shirt...but wait...there is always a buyer for of course, your close friend, absolutely loves the shirt...and wait it fits too!!

I will say that this go around I forgot to borrow a full length mirror. It is always nice to be able to try on and see what you look like. :)

One of my friends came a bit later while we were all in the middle of shopping. She had a bag in her hand filled with goodies. She was instantly mobbed! Well, maybe it was me that mobbed her. I saw a gorgeous scarf popping out. It had an Anthropologie flare to it...and guess what... it was Anthropologie!! She just could never get it right! Well, I tried it on...and perfecto!! I had been looking for a cool scarf for awhile.

I recommend swap parties to everyone!! They are a great way to clean out your closet and find new items to fill it with...and all for free of course! And you know that I love me some free stuff!

LivE Wisely!!

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