Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LivE Wisely...Not Cheap Just Savvy

I decided to start a group that gets together every couple of weeks to discuss ways that we can all save money. I know that so many of my friends have steals and deals. Why not get together and share?

In order to keep track of what we discuss in these meetings, and to keep a running log of what I come up when I am between meetings, I decided to start this blog. Writing down on sticky notes just won't do.

One of the areas that we discussed was trying to find ways to save on shopping for clothes.

As a stay at home mom, I find myself shopping more than I need to. It can be a nice escape. Get out of your "mommy" clothes and buy something that makes you feel great. But then sometimes I question why? So that I can look nice when I pick up my daughter from preschool?? And most of the moms are dressed in gym clothes anyway!
And then when I get home, my youngest, spits up on my shoulder... why am I wearing my new "shouldn't have paid that much sweater on"??

o   Clothes
  • Try not to ever pay full price, most stores have a sale section. go there first.
  • Open Credit Card if Rewards Make Sense, some offer nice perks.
  • Buy Clothes, Keep Tags On, If you don't wear
    the Item within 2 Weeks, Return It
  • Shop Your Closet
  • Have a Clothes Swap Party
  • Beware of Store Coupons, buy only if necessary
  • Shop Discount stores like Marshalls 
  • Each Season, put away your clothes in bins. This way when you are ready to change seasons, everything looks new!, (also a good time to see what you do and don't need!)

I would love to hear other ways that people save on clothes!
  • And if you have a store and/or department store credit card that you like, please let us know!

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