Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Discounted Movie Tickets?? Oh My!

I am amazed how much my friends save!! Little things here and there...it goes a long way.

A great friend of mine clued us in to a great way to get discounted movie tickets! At the Bow Tie Cinema's in West Hartford, an Adult ticket cost $10.50. Big Y offers discounted tickets at $7.98 if you use either a silver coin or a silver savings card!! Of course I had to see what else Big Y was offering and the list goes on and on.

Within the past year I have been buying more things in bulk. I do not do a ton of shopping at the large bulk stores like BJ's or Costco, (I sometimes go with my girlfriend and she buys me some items), because I do not need 4 gallons of mayo. But I like to buy things like Israeli Couscous or Powdered Garlic, or Naan Bread in bulk I either store them in glass jars, or freeze them. I have found that some of the Ethnic stores have great deals if you are willing to do a bit of digging around.
I am a huge fan of Cosmos International located on Farmington Ave. They sell some items in bulk for great prices, (dates, rice, bulgar wheat).

If you like Asian food, stop over at A Dong on Shield St in West Hartford. They have tons of great items that you may find less expensive than your local grocery store.

Please share any more tips that you may know of!

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