Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Pink Party by LivE Wisely!!

 It was my youngest daughter's first birthday recently and I wanted to make it special. I love children's parties. It is fun to be creative, (at least for me) and I enjoy making fun treats. As usual, I was watching my budget so I made all of the food and most of the decorations. Trust me, it was pretty simple and took under a few hours.

For the cupcakes, I wanted to make them easy. I love frosting, especially whipped cream frosting. Yes, the "piped" frosting on top of cupcakes looks professional and beautiful but I actually prefer the "dolloped" look. And it is of course much easier!! To me, the frosting seemed whimsical.

I also did rice crispy treats which I dipped into some frosting and added sprinkles for a fun touch. 
I found some cotton candy on sale and put it in a bowl. Who doesn't love some cotton candy!!


 I made paper flowers, super easy to do...check out this site http://www.ehow.com/how_4522222_make-paper-flowers.html. We then put them all over the house!

For food, (I forgot to take a picture), I bought deli meat and cheeses and made a cold cut platter. Placed some bagels, rolls, and bread in a large bowl, some condiments, lettuce and tomato, and voila!

For snacks, (chips etc) I used some small boxes that I had bought a few months back from Target. Any fun container would have worked.

For the goodie bags, I used paper "lunch" bags and my oldest daughter and I decorated them with stickers. 

The party was a success and I enjoyed it even more knowing that I didn't break the bank!!

LivE Wisely!!

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KristenFritz said...

Not only did everything look super cute, but it was delicious too! I loved your ideas so much that I actually incorporated a few of them into my youngest daughters birthday party! Thank you!

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